Join the Crew

On board our zodiacs, you have the pleasure of having your captain as your guide.

Since 1994, Mark, Tina and their family of 3 children have owned and operated Capt Mark's Whale & Seal Cruise and their success rate is one of the highest in the area!


Capt. Mark Timmons

Capt. Mark is a 3rd generation lobster fisherman, having more than 38 years experience on the sea. He is a certified Small Craft Master as of 1994, has Marine Emergency Duties A2 Certification, ROC-M (Radio Course), Marine First Aid and you can be confident to know he is also a Rescue Scuba Diver. His experience and love of the ocean will be apparent as he shares his knowledge. In May and June, Capt. Mark harvests lobster and from September to December, he guides moose hunters in the Highlands. In the winter months, Mark keeps busy doing maintenance on the boats, building lobster traps, and enjoys back-country skiing to his cabin, hiking, cutting firewood and making maple syrup.


Capt. Tina Roach

Capt. Tina Roach has been operating Capt. Mark's since 1994 as a manager, bookkeeper, tour guide, receptionist and occasionally as a zodiac captain. She also harvests lobster with her husband Mark since the last 6 years. Her certifications are SVOP, Marine Emergency Duties A2, Marine First Aid, ROC-M.  In the winter months, Tina keeps busy taking business courses online, making lobster traps and enjoys back-country skiing, snowshoeing, yoga, and reading.



Capt. Ben Timmons

Capt Ben is no stranger to the water. As Capt Mark and Capt Tina's eldest child, he grew up spending time on the lobster boat and the whale watch trips as summer jobs. He has been our tour guide since he's 16 years old, received his qualifications as captain at 19 and has driven the zodiacs every year since then. He also graduated from NSCC in Halifax in Media Arts and Print Production. 

Renee Timmons

Renée is no stranger to the business either. As Capt Mark and Capt Tina's eldest daughter, she also grew up accompanying her father lobster fishing and spent time on the whale watch boats. She is our friendly office receptionist during the summer months when she's not studying in Halifax to become a massage therapist. Accompanying her is our family dog Peggy the Pomeranian...she sometimes greets people at the office as well.

Capt. Nadia Timmons

Capt Nadia is Capt Mark and Capt Tina's youngest child and she definitely has sea water running through her veins. She is very comfortable on the water and lobster fishes full time since the last 3 years. Her qualifications are SVOP, MEDA2, ROC-M and Marine First Aid. In the winter months, Nadia enjoys making lobster traps with her dad, ski-dooing in the highlands, and going to the gym.