Join the Crew

 On board the zodiacs, you have the pleasure of having your captain as your guide since you are not required to have an extra crew.

Since 1994, Mark, Tina and their family of 3 children 

have owned and operated Capt Mark's Whale & Seal Cruise and their success rate is one of the highest in the world!


Capt. Mark Timmons 

Capt. Mark is a 3rd generation lobster fisherman, having more than 30 years experience on the sea. He is a certified Small Craft Master as of 1994, has Marine Emergency Duties A2 Certification, ROC-MC, Marine First Aid and you can be confident to know he is also a Rescue Scuba Diver. He primarily captains the Tourmaster Zodiac. He is a lobster fisherman in May and June and also a Moose Hunting Guide from September until December. 




Capt. Ben Timmons

Capt. Ben has been our official tour guide since 2015 and he is no stranger to whale watching because he's Capt. Mark & Tina's son. He has watched whales and been part of Capt. Mark's experience all his life. He primarily captains the North Star Zodiac. His certifications are SVOP, ROC-MC, Marine First Aid and Marine Emergency Duties-A2. In the winter months, he studies Media Arts in Halifax, NS.